Bring Back 757 in Style!

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The Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum is embarking on a monumental campaign to bring Nickel Plate Road steam locomotive #757 to our museum site in Bellevue, Ohio.

This campaign won’t be easy or inexpensive. It is estimated that to relocate, restore, and display this 400-ton locomotive, $250,000 will need to be raised. The Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum needs your help.

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Campaign begins to bring historic locomotive back to Bellevue

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The Sandusky Register reports:

Bellevue’s railroad museum and Locomotive No. 757 were made for each other.

“This locomotive has always been the one that got away,” Fuehring said. “This should have been our first piece.”

Hauling it back is not a trivial task and will consume $100,000 to $150,000. “It will have to come here on a special move,” Fuehring said.

He said restoring the locomotive to good condition will cost about $50,000, and another $50,000 will be needed to give it a covered display site.