757 is Home – So Now What?

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We’re pleased to announce that on February 14, 2019, Nickel Plate Road steam locomotive no. 757 completed its journey from Strasburg, Pennsylvania and was spotted at the Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum at 3:30PM. The journey began just before 8AM on February 11th and with the help of the Strasburg Rail Road and Norfolk Southern Corporation, no safety or mechanical issues occurred during the 550-mile trip.

With the relocation phase of the project complete, we now look ahead to the restoration and display of the locomotive. The 757 has been placed on #1 track in our Coach Yard facing Southwest St., for the short term that’s where it will remain. With all the support we’ve received in the last 18 months to bring the locomotive home, it’s important to us that it’s accessible for all to enjoy this season.

Our primary focus will be centered on preparing the museum for opening day on May 4th, 2019, little if any work will be preformed on the locomotive during the next few months. As spring arrives and weather conditions improve, preservation and aesthetic work of the locomotive will commence.

Over the last several years, it has become obvious that our museum facilities on the North side of Norfolk Southern’s Toledo District mainline have peeked, and future expansion is no longer possible. For this reason, future expansion (including display of 757) will be concentrated on the South side or “Coach Yard” of the museum grounds. We are in the planning stages of a new restoration facility located on the former Bellevue Farmers Co-op parcel that we now have ownership of. This facility would allow us to do the heavy restoration work on 757 indoors.

It has always been our intention to have a protective structure to display the 757 in, future plans call for this to be erected in the Coach Yard as well. We want the flexibility of displaying the locomotive under roof, but also having the ability to move it out in the open for special events.

After successfully reaching our first fundraising goal for the mechancial work on and transportation of 757, we now have $90,000 of fund-raising goal left to go for cosmetic restoration and the construction of a display site. All future contributions to the Bring Back 757 campaign will be directed towards the restoration and the display structure of the 757.


We’ve made tremendous progress and already accomplished something many thought was impossible, with this last stretch of fundraising to go, we can restore and preserve the 757 for years to come.

Donations can be made at the museum, online at bringback757.org/donate or by mail at:

Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum
Bring Back 757
233 York Street
Bellevue, Ohio, 44811



757 is coming home

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The Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum (MR&NKP) is pleased to announce that we’ve received an official transfer of ownership for Nickel Plate Road 2-8-4 steam locomotive #757 from the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania (RRMPA). On the afternoon of February 11th, 2019, the locomotive departed the RRMPA for its new home in Bellevue, Ohio where the locomotive will be cosmetically restored and placed on display as part of a new exhibit.

When 757 was officially retired from active service in 1960, it was offered to the City of Bellevue as a monument to the steam era railroaders of the area. Unfortunately, no railroad museum existed in Bellevue at that time. After 6 years of storage, the locomotive was donated to the RRMPA and shipped to Strasburg, PA in December of 1966. The MR&NKP and the RRMPA have worked together since mid-2017 to reunite the locomotive with the community the Nickel Plate Road intended it to call home. “The RRMPA has provided the locomotive a great home and saved this treasure from an uncertain fate”, says MR&NKP Vice President Dwayne Fuehring. “We’re grateful to this world-class organization for their cooperation and generosity throughout this process.”

The locomotive will make the 500 plus mile trip to Bellevue over the rail lines of the Strasburg Rail Road, Amtrak, and Norfolk Southern within the next few days. For safety reasons, the MR&NKP will not be publishing routing information for the move and due to railroad logistics is unable to provide any type of schedule. Progress reports of the journey may be published on the MR&NKP Facebook page at facebook.com/madrivernkpmuseum. It’s understood that excitement and interest in this project will bring many onlookers trackside to watch the 757 roll by, the MR&NKP would encourage that onlookers make safety their first priority, give yourself a safe distance from the tracks, assume every railroad track can be active at any time, and please do not trespass on railroad property.

The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania is home to a world-class collection of about 100 historic locomotives and railroad cars, a vast library and archives, a working restoration shop, an immersive education center and programs, a Museum store and special events and exhibits. A Smithsonian Affiliate, the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania is one of 24 historic sites and museums administered by the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission as part of the Pennsylvania Trails of History®, with the active support of the nonprofit Friends of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

The Mad River & NKP Railroad Society, an all-volunteer non-profit organization operates the Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum in Bellevue, Ohio. The museum includes over 50 pieces of on-track railroad equipment, countless artifacts, 5 major buildings, and a train-viewing platform spread over 10 acres of property. It is the largest rail museum of its kind in the State of Ohio and is regarded as the largest steward of Nickel Plate Road equipment, artifacts, and memorabilia.

Bring Back 757 February 2019 Update

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The last quarter of 2018 was a quiet one for the Bring Back 757 effort, but 2019 is starting out strong.

To date we have raised over $157,000 of our $250,000 goal!  Movement costs are financed and movement logics with the host railroads are being arranged at this time.

In January, our Nickel Plate Road caboose #783 was moved to Strasburg to serve as a rider and tool car for the move home. As soon as Norfolk Southern is ready to make the move, we will be ready, and we believe that to be very soon.

No movement date is scheduled, but we’re hopeful to have the 757 at our museum for opening day on May 4, 2019. From here forward, all contributions will be directed towards the restoration and display of this iconic locomotive.

With this update we’ve included some beautiful photos of caboose 783 on the Strasburg Railroad and at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania from Christopher Pollock, Enjoy!

Summer Donation Match and Raffle

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The Mad River and NKP Railroad Museum is fast approaching a major milestone in the effort to BRING BACK 757 and is excited to announce two new incentives for donors.

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, every donation made between July 1st and August 31st to BRING BACK 757 will be doubled up to $10,000!

In addition to the match, every donation of $10.00 or more will give supporters a chance to win a reproduction number board or builders plate – both of which will be installed on the locomotive for its journey to Bellevue. These four prizes (two number boards and two builders plates) will be raffled off this September.

The items will be removed and shipped to the lucky winners* once the locomotive returns to Bellevue (date to be determined.)

Donations can be made at the museum, online at bringback757.org/donate or by mail at:

Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum
Bring Back 757
233 York Street
Bellevue, Ohio, 44811

BRING BACK 757 is an incredible effort to relocate historic Nickel Plate Road steam locomotive no. 757 to Bellevue, Ohio from Strasburg, Pennsylvania and cosmetically restore and preserve the engine for generations to come.

Mad River has successfully raised over $100,000 since the project was first announced in 2017, with an initial goal of raising $150,000 for the relocation of the engine and an additional $100,000 for a cosmetic restoration and construction of a display site.

Mad River’s volunteers and contractors have held regular work sessions at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, performing light maintenance and repair work in order to facilitate the engine’s trip home. Recently, the 757 underwent a recent 6-mile test move over the Strasburg Rail Road. The engine will be towed by Norfolk Southern to Bellevue at a future date.

The Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, all contributions are tax deductible if applicable. All donors will receive a donation receipt if the donor’s information is provided. Donors will be added to our donor board which will be displayed with the locomotive after restoration is complete, an online donor board is updated monthly at www.bringback757.org/donors. All contribution amounts are confidential unless specified otherwise by the donor. The Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum does not share your information with any other person, company, or organization.

*Directors and Officers of the Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum are not eligible for this raffle, multiple entries can be made but each donor will only be eligible for one prize. Corporate donations are not eligible.

Bring Back 757 – June Update

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The 757 is almost ready to come home! Here’s what’s been accomplished so far thanks to your donations:

• Brake system servicing and testing – DONE
• Cleaning, inspection, and repacking of plain bearings – DONE
• Inspection and lubrication of all roller bearings – DONE
• Installation and lubrication of all side rods – DONE

As of this writing, we need to secure the loose jacketing, letter the locomotive, install a cab seat, install umler tags, and secure a few handrails. This work will be accomplished shortly after Memorial Day and test runs will follow on the Strasburg Railroad.


We just passed the $100,000 threshold, and that’s a huge accomplishment for 10 months worth of fundraising. Our next goal is to reach $125,000 in order to pay for the move of 757 from Strasburg, Pennslyvania to Bellevue, Ohio.

A great deal of our financial support has come directly from our membership; I’d like to thank each and every one of you for keeping this project moving forward. This will go down in history as our largest acquisition and restoration project and we’ll need continued support moving forward to bring her home!