Help us reach our 2017 Fundraising Goal

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Since August, the Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum has raised over $70,000 to BRING BACK 757 and now has a goal of raising $100,000 before the end of 2017.

“If we reach this milestone, we’ll be on track to ship 757 back to Bellevue earlier than anticipated in 2018,” explained Dwayne Fuhering, the project manager behind BRING BACK 757. “Our local community and the railroad community has been incredibly supportive, so we’re hoping their continued generosity will help us reach our year-end goal.”

All donations are tax-deductible and can be made online or by mail at Bring Back 757 233 York St. Bellevue, Ohio, 44811.


The overall fundraising goal is $250,000, with $150,000 needed for the relocation of 757. If $150,000 is raised by Spring of 2018, the 757 could return to Bellevue as early as the summer. Over the last several months, Mad River’s team of  volunteers and contractors have made numerous trips to Strasburg, Pennsylvania to prepare the locomotive for shipment. This effort has seen the locomotive’s running gear, drivers, brakes and numerous other components removed, cleaned serviced and restored.

The remaining funds raised when the locomotive returns to Bellevue will include $50,000 for a cosmetic restoration and $50,000 for a new display structure.


November Update

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On November 15th & 16th, a work session was held at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania on Nickel Plate Road steam locomotive #757 to prepare the locomotive for movement to the Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum in Bellevue, Ohio.

Zach Hall and Rick Rowlands discuss the work being performed and various photographs are included of the work session. The Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum is embarking on a monumental campaign to bring Nickel Plate Road steam locomotive #757 to our museum site in Bellevue, Ohio.


Bring Back 757 – October Update

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In the last 10 weeks since the Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum began our campaign to Bring Back 757, we have had extraordinary results! We’ve been able to purchase needed supplies and begin movement preparations on the locomotive.

We have over 200 donors from all over the map that have contributed over $63,000!

Here’s where our donations have come from so far: Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Nevada, New York, Texas, Missouri, Georgia, Washington, D.C., United Kingdom.

This showing of support shows that many folks out there want to see the 757 brought home and preserved in the community as the Nickel Plate Road intended. The Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum wishes to thank each and every one of our generous donors for allowing us to proceed with this project.

Donations are tax deductible and are primarily excepted 3 ways. We are capable of excepting donations online through the project website , you can come to the museum during regular business hours and donate in person or by mail:

Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum
Bring Back 757
233 York St.
Bellevue, OH

Thank you for your support!

Dwayne Fuehring
Vice President, Mad River & NKP Railroad Society/Museum
Bring Back 757 Project Manager

October, 2017 – Work Session

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On October 6th and 7th, a team of five volunteers and two contractors held a work session on the 757 at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

Several tasks were performed including:
1. Verifying measurements and clearance information
2. Cleaning and securing cab for supply storage
3. Inspection, cleaning, and repacking of the trailing truck journals
4. Inspection of the leading truck journals
5. Tie up main rod on Fireman’s side to allow movement on museum site
6. Preliminary inspection and testing of individual brake components
7. Lubricate running gear components in preparation for move within museum site.

This work performed would not be possible if it wasn’t for the generosity of our donors. Every donation supports our efforts in covering expenses, labor, and supplies to make these preparations.